October 9

About Me

(The original version of this page was first published on my old ‘Nikkster’ website back in 2004, I’ve updated it as things have changed a lot since then!)

Me in 2002

My name is Nikki Bannister. I was born on the 25th of January 1980. I have an older sister called Karen who is 6 years older than me. My Mum is Josie Reynolds and my Dad was Tony (he passed away in 2020). I live in a little place called Burntwood (nobody ever knows where it is when I tell them where I live!). I work in a school in Lichfield, running the Before and After School Club. This is a very demanding and stressful job but I do enjoy it.

I got married to a wonderful man called Lee Bannister in June 2010, after first getting engaged in November 2001. We’d been seeing each other officially since April 2001 but we’ve actually known each other since 1993! We actually met through a certain local radio station where he worked and kept in touch ever since. He had always been a very good friend, and was always there when I needed him. I’d had a few false starts with relationships before, but by 2001 I knew I’d found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! (How cheesy!).

When I first wrote this page for my old website, I wrote that there were some early wedding plans in the pipeline (we got married in 2010), and that we were saving as hard as we could to find somewhere to live together (we bought our first house in December 2005). Saving for the house was proving very difficult for me as I can’t resist New Look! (Cath Kidston these days). Lee said that he can’t resist a good book shop or video sale – nothing has changed there!!

Growing up I’ve suffered from a few minor medical problems. I was born with Turner’s Syndrome which basically is a chromosome disorder meaning that I am quite petite (4’ 9”) and I would need to go through IVF in order to have children. When I was growing up it never really worried me. I would get the odd comment of “Shortie” but I never let it bother me. As I got older I began to realize that I was different, but in a good way. I was always told that the best things come in small packages! Throughout all of this I have had the support of my family and friends, especially Lee and my other bestest buddy Louise. Louise is the same age as me and we’ve known each other since High School. She always used to stick up for me when I got teased at school. She’s been a really good friend and we still keep in touch now and are still the best of friends!

In 2004 one of my main hobbies was Line Dancing with my Mum and my Sister. We’d been doing it since the late 1990s. We were part of the ‘Dixie’s Line Dancers’ Group in my home town of Burntwood, and we loved it! It could be quite funky, and not a boring as it seems. I like a good Shimmy on a Thursday Night, for a pair of hours! More recently I’ve indulged in Zumba and lately Latin Fit sessions.

Back in 2004, on Saturday Mornings, you could find me on the radio in Wolverhampton (WCR) where I was the “Nikkster” co-presentering on “UpAndHappy!” since April 2001. I really enjoyed doing this as I am interested in radio and how it all works. I had my own little sections in the show too. There was “Nikkster’s Word Of The Week” where I’d pick an interesting word out of the dictionary and Lee B simply had to guess what it means. Sounds easy, but you try doing it… I would also read the Entertainment News with Lee, and battle for the laughs as we traded ’Puns’! My resident psychic friend ‘Mystic Nik’ would occasionally turns up with her ‘Psychic Fish’ (from a crystal fish-bowl of course) to predict the future. Then there was my ’Love At Eleven’ – 3 songs, back-to-back, all on the subject of ‘lurve’.

I also presented my own radio programme at the other end of the weekend – Sunday Nights. “Nikkster At 9” was where I got to play my kind of music. With featured artists, more love songs (‘Cuddle Up With the Nikkster’), more new ’Words Of The Week’, Pet Tips (inspired by my little pooch at the time – Pepsi), and we rounded it all off with a great One Hit Wonder.

So what else has happened since I wrote the first version of this in 2004. Well, I cerebrated my 40th Birthday in January 2020, Lee and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in June 2020. In the world of radio, I went on to present “Nikkster’s Rainbow Club” from 2007-2011 for our very young listeners.

As for my style tastes, I’m more into Cath Kidston, Butterflies, and anything purple nowadays! Well, people are allowed to change aren’t they!